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CYBER Cabal Online With 6 Class Episode 8 Features 24, Since 2013, Server Location SG.


Following the philosophy that strength is the greatest asset in battle, the Warrior is a melee class that focuses on physical strength and heavy armor to defeat their enemies. This class utilizes Greatswords and their main Stat is Strength.

Force Shielder

Putting defense above all else, the Force Shielder is a heavy armor class that utilizes force to make themselves impregnable to damage. Capable of creating powerful Astral Shields, Force Shielders are best on the front lines of war, protecting themselves and their allies from harm. They benefit highly from a balance between Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity in their Stats.

Force Blader

A master of both blade and magic, a Force Blader utilizes both to strike deep at their enemies. This class focuses on speed and precision to overcome any obstacles, and are considered master swordsman, using both Katanas and sharp Blades to their highest form. A Force Blader wears medium armor and benefits highly from Strength and Dexterity Stats.

Force Archer

A rare branch from the Wizard class, the Force Archer is capable of honing in the force of magic to bring dedicated single target damage from a long distance. They strike a delicate balance between physical and magical damage, and can support their allies through any danger. A Force Archer wears medium armor and benefit from both Intelligence and Dexterity Stats.


The true masters of martial arts, the Blader is a class that utilizes the unique dual blade style to render their foes helpless. Utilizing speed and agility, this melee class is a high damage dealing choice. The Blader wears light armor and benefits highly from Dexterity and Strength Stats.


Focusing on dealing tremendous damage from afar, the Wizard is a long range class that utilizes magic to both attack and defend themselves. Wizards can manifest force to channel powerful single target and Area of Effect skills to rain destruction before they can be harmed. They wear light armor and greatly benefit from the Intelligence Stat.

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